split large pst file

Split Large Outlook PST Files

Divide Big PST File Selectively: With the Outlook PST splitter application users can do the following:

  • Split Outlook file by size according to selected file size
  • Break PST file by date as per user selected date range
  • Devide PST file by year as per you requirement
  • No file size limitations, split any size of PST file
  • Supports ANSI & Unicode both types of PST files

Split Large Outlook PST Files to Manage Oversized PST

Split large Outlook PST files smoothly and accurately with the most proficient Split Magic application. It is well known among the ANSI PST file exploiters that if the size of the file crossed its limitation of 2 GB then it will automatically lead to corruption. Due to its size limitation, it will be difficult for the users to read the PST file as it might be headed with the different error message which barred users from reading it. For the users who are facing different error message while accessing the ANSI PST file, they can rely upon our above named application as it will help users to split large outlook PST files via removing the entire error messages without any loss.

Different Reasons to Split Large Outlook PST Files:

There are several reasons which force users to choose a wise tool to split oversized PST files. When users break PST into smaller files then they can be benefitted by the following:

  • With the Outlook PST, users can store specific emails in an independent file.
  • Even if users are facing PST corruption issue then also there are minimum chances of data loss.
  • The speed of the email processing is being enhanced of the Outlook users.
  • Users can free the disk space which is unnecessary occupied by the large ANSI PST files.

Consider a Situation for Better Understanding!

Suppose you are working with the Outlook 2007 version, but now a day you noticed that the speed of the Outlook is slower than it was before. Mainly the speed of the Outlook slowdown when the size of the PST file increases 2 GB, due to its size limitation users might face the issue of speed. As to regain the old speed users must rely upon the application which helps them to trim the large PST file. Once users split ANSI PST file they can speedily work with the Outlook.

Demo vs Full Version Program:

Download free version of Outlook PST Splitter that will split first 50 items according to your selection choice. Buy full edition of program by investing $49 to cross demo limits and split large Outlook PST files without any limitations.

Get Tech Details of the Outlook PST Splitter

Program Name:




Operating System:

MS Outlook:

System Requirements:

Demo Limits:

Split Magic


49 US Dollar


Windows 8.1 and other all versions are supported by the tool

MS Outlook is not required to perfom the split process.

Software needs 512 MB Ram (Recommended 1 GB) & minimum 20 MB of free disk space

Free tool breaks only 50 items of selected Outlook PST file.

Steps to Know How to Split Oversized PST Files

Split Large Outlook PST Tool
Split Large PST according to Size
Information of PST Split Procedure
Options to Split PST File

Watch Live Video to Split Large Outlook PST Files

Testimonials of the Outlook PST Splitter Software

I am really impressed by using this split magic tool. The way it worked to split a large Outlook data file into small PST files. I would also recommend others to try this software once. If you are a bit confused, then you can use a free Demo version of the tool.

- Samantha Grant, U.S.

I found an Outlook PST splitting tool very useful as it helped me to break a big PST file into many files according to selected date range. The self-illustrative steps of software are more useful in achieving a task, thank you so much for making my job easier.

- Amy Rose, U.K.